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thousands of protesters descend on europe's a main banking hub frankford piling the pressure on financial institutions which they say are defending the wealthy while pushing millions of people into poverty and also. the. riots a panic and tear gas in turkey turmoil spread as a protest against the destruction of an is a ball park escalates into a nationwide to display of anger against the government. the u.s. confirms an american woman has been killed in syria reported to you while fighting alongside the rebel forces there an incident that illustrates the growing international impact of the civil war. and hunger
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striking guantanamo bay detainees demand a new doctors accusing military magic's all breaching ethics of performing in few main force feeding procedures. it's time to question more with us here on our t.v. we're live from moscow you're with me to bang with say. europe's a banking capital is scaring up for another day of street blockades with angry calls of protesting against the way the ease financial ways of being handled thousands of access to frankfurt it's main financial institutions on friday voicing their anger i can see european central bank with the painful austerity measures that are affecting millions across the continent artie's pre-sale of all reports front but is of course home to many large banks one of the world's largest banking sectors not thousands have come out to voice their anger against the banking sector
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the way that europe's financial institutions are in their eyes being mismanaged also. drawing people's anger has been the latest big is coming out with unemployment in the euro so now we're hearing all of a staggering nearly twenty million people out soup work inside the countries that make up the monetary union just twelve just over twelve percent of the population now to find out just why people are here in front good to demonstrate i'm joined by contadina prince paper the left in germany the student body in germany thank you very much for talking to me. why are people coming out in such numbers to to but there are i think what is happening here in frankfurt today is there are twenty million people have employed in the eurozone especially young people we understand that there are no solution no national solutions to this crisis we understand that
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there has to be international solidarity and international if we are to overcome the banking crisis and there are seventy politics that have been completely destroying the social states around and around europe do you think is the concern amongst the young that those levels of unemployment that we seeing in the southern european countries like your own could eventually migrate to the problem yet so it's already happening it's i mean germany is not a paradise in europe anymore that that. the wages in germany are extremely low compared to their productivity levels and. people almost two thirds of students have to work in our finance their studies people have very very bad working conditions they were think they can stop and then very very few and the social statement i'm still exists it will out last forever if we don't do anything cuts it in a fence before the students winning over the left body in germany thank you very much for talking to me to put some of those figures into
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a little bit more context twenty million we're talking about the population of a a large european nation a whole house of work and that's being coupled with just recent news of a rise in inflation around the euro zone most notably when it comes to food just last month alone the price of the food rising by three point three percent so all of these problems seem to be increasing and that's why we're seeing more and more people coming out to show just how unhappy they are with the current situation. michael emraan so from the european financial blogger m m news a says the underestimate seeing in frankfurt is just the beginning of a global uprising against financial tyranny. i think this is one step more towards in the eurozone the eurozone and you has nothing to do with democracy anymore and what i fear most is that all this crisis if you will cause this leads to structures which are far far away from democracy i mean i don't want to use on boss i want
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somebody whom i can believe whom i can trust and who i'm also able to elect but what's going on at the moment is that you put people in front of was like in the former university of politicians and their political decide what's going on i think that's not good for the future will take also japanese take america united states of america fifty million food stamps there this is not a no sorry so we are we have all of the same problem and maybe the occupy and these protests that we see are only the beginning of a vast protest and demonstration all over the europe all over europe but also all over the world in jeopardy and united states as well well discontent grows on the streets of europe there widening crags on the political level and the latest brussels has been accused of a land grab that complained to come in from the u.k. after the european commission took the country to court to defend the rights of the
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e.u. citizens living in the country it came to britain is discriminating against people from other countries while london says it will find every step of the way to protect its own laws artie's attests also your reports. the european commission is once again looking more closely at the affairs of its member states now one that's making particular noise especially among the citizens of that country is the commission's decision to launch a case against the u.k. at the european court of justice because the commission says that the u.k. has been discriminatory against nationals of other e.u. countries in receiving welfare now there's already been reaction from the u.k. particularly angry ones from the government i want to from the work and pensions secretary who says that he will not cave in he says a brussels is once again launching a land grab and over reaching into its areas of responsibilities and meddling into the affairs of national governments now we have spoken to a legal expert to explain to us why the commission has done what it has this is
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a case where the commission. is not for feeling that we. know that he wants to have a referendum in two thousand and seventeen you want to renegotiate the tradition. i mean but the. respect to this latest move by brussels has once again brought to the forefront issues like sovereignty of member states immigration or the pressure put on social welfare systems the very issues the really have led to an increase in support for your skeptic parties and countries like the u.k. now can the commission is looking also at another country spain it says that it has received complaints of the health card which is supposed to entitle e.u. citizens to free health care in public hospitals while they're traveling to other countries within the block and it has been refused by some spanish hospitals so one the one hand you have the commission maintaining that it's simply implementing the rules on the other you have accusations that brussels is once again dipping into the affairs of national governments and the context of the grey you can call the
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crisis in very public displays of social dissatisfaction this is yet another stress test for the e.u. as a tries to move forward reporting from brussels i'm tess are cilia. later today max climbs and stacy herbage look at some of the unconventional ways in which groups are hoping to dig their way out of the debt crisis restrains labor camps for poor taxpayers so if you owe back taxes and you don't have any money to pay it well the government is looking for an army camp in the attic or region two people who have debts to the tax authorities serving their sentence confirm the deputy minister for justice in the greek parliament now he's saying this is a more humane solution because they're building these unique death camps death camps at a former army base but there won't be any rapists and murderers and other sorts in there so it'll just be these bad debtors but i see where you're going with this is compare and contrast here's a country iceland maintain its sovereignty number one and then recapitalized and
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there are smooth sailing toward growth period with their currency intact unemployment is looking good greece unfortunately is locked into the euro and they're just they've been taken over they've become a vassal state from the i.m.f. and the from the troika these global institutions so they unfortunately lost their sovereignty. she protests eyeing golfing turkey wants down to the few days ago as a peaceful environmental rally has snowballed into the largest outpouring of public and they can the country has seen any as the dozens were injured when police violently dispersed the thousand strong from a park in istanbul and that very heavy handed response triggered it readings and several other cities now these are the latest pictures from this morning you can
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see the streets of istanbul still clouded in tear gas now day michel protests was prompted by government backed plans to demolish the pa get the center of istanbul to build a shopping mall in the sense that it's grown into an all to play style ready against islamist government in the capital on corruption he's also used tear gas to push back to protest as we're trying to reach the headquarters of the ruling justice and development pot team come up mopin and occupy movement activists told r.t. that public anger in turkey has reached a boiling point. i would say that the people of turkey have a long struggle of struggling against their domestic crossers as well as the bankers and the corporations in the western countries long oppressed and exploited down there revolutionary people who have long opposed and fought against exploitation and it's not a surprise to me that they continued to fight back and continue to fight for the rights of the people the current government of turkey is largely
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a puppet of the western banks of turkey is actually a member of nato and the policy is carrying out by the government of turkey are seen as largely being policies that serve the bankers and the corporations on wall street and in london and also go to aid israel and they don't directly the people of turkey and they don't practice solidarity and ultimately the people of turkey see that it's not in their interest that the policies coming out of the turkish government at this time are not in america it's in the interests of the rich and they're fighting against them it's a very you know economically desperate situation for millions of turkish people there's high on. there's poverty and that's causing the people to go out into the streets and demonstrate you know that's that's the that's that's the powder keg that has been lit and we're seeing the explosion now. on our website. you can find live updates on the under arrest in turkey including footage and photos of the overnight clashes and witness accounts from all across the country. right moving on to international peace talks on syria that well originally is that
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for earlier this month now looks set to be postponed syria's main opposition factions as says it want to enter negotiations until the lebanese group hizbullah stops fighting alongside syrian government troops meanwhile it's a been confirmed that several foreign nationals including a american woman and you take a citizen have been killed fighting on the side of the rebels artie's marina has the details. the american woman that killed fighting alongside opposition forces in syria has been identified as thirty three year old nicole lynn mansfield her driver license photo in which she's pictured wearing a headscarf was broadcast by a syrian television station mansfield reportedly converted to islam after falling in love and marrying an arab immigrant according to her family mansfield of forced that man three years ago now the u.s. is reportedly working the czech republic mission in syria to obtain more
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information about mansfield but this is not the first case of an american fighting in syria earlier this year eric haroon a former u.s. soldier made headlines when he posted videos of himself online in which he appeared to be rebel groups holding weapons and driving with fighters through contested parts of syria. your days are numbered you're going down in flames you should just quit now while you can and leave. you're going to die no matter what where you go we will find you and kill you ironically the u.s. state department recently demanded that has bill immediately withdraw its fighters from syria saying that their involvement on the side of president assad signaled what many of the war but in the meantime the u.s. state department it seems can't keep track of its own citizens involvement in the
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civil war reporting from new york bring up or not partake. the news of the western is killed fighting folding syrian rebels backs up a recent study that showed hundreds of europeans have traveled to syria since the start of the civil war to fight against present us as regime of those the largest number believed to have come from the u.k. and the latest incident involving an american woman shows that the conflict is getting more internationalized this is according to stephen zunes professor of politics at the university of san francisco well there have been armed fighters coming in know more and more the majority of people the armed resistance of course are syrians but you're increasing we are seeing some westerners involved as well. you know this is fairly unusual though to actually have americans coming in in fact ironically just as there are some elements within u.s. government pushing for greater u.s. involvement support the rebels we have other branches of the government that have
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actually been no intercepting in prosecuting americans that have sought to join some of the more extreme elements of the opposition to the lifting of the e.u. embargo with a lot of domestic pressure against the obama administration which up to this point is when some are looking to get more involved are afraid we are going to indeed see more and more western intervention and a greater and greater internationalization of this. coming up later in the program easy access to pirated music and movies it could soon be a thing all the pasta in russia as the government unveils its plans to slip flies on the legal file sharing some more of that off to the shakuri. wealthy british soil some. time right we're going to go around the.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines join in two counties a report. for the busy summer with the motor. coach.
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welcome back you're watching are a group of hunger striking prisoners at guantanamo bay have written an open letter to the military doctors condemning the force feeding procedures they've been subjected to end demanding independent humane medical treatment thirty six on of more than one hundred detainees who have been starving themselves always fall my. now being force fed let's take a look at how the inmates describe a procedure that the u.n. and international medical organizations have branded as torture now in the open letter the prisoners start by insisting that they would you prefer death or to an indefinite detention without trial and treatment that they call inhumane as well as degrading now as the letter goes on and they also talk about the force feeding procedures that have been in force and that they say the process of having a tube repeatedly forced up our noses and down our throat in order to keep us in
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a state of semi starvation is extremely painful and the conditions under which it is done are abusive now of course the letter finishes off by accusing medics of performing an as we call treatment experiments and putting the duty to the military above the duty of being doctors earlier we talked to and richardson who is also an attorney for the guantanamo detainee who described what her client has been subjected to. if you genies are really attempting to have treatment be restored to them as human beings and rather than being punished and treated like animals i have had my client tell me many times they treat animals better than they are treating the detainees my client has been kept in solitary confinement many of his items were taken away from him including attorney client mail he was not allowed to have a tooth brush toothpaste or so in his cell for many many weeks i don't know yet you
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can if he's got enough of this day. they have made conditions times very reason cold for them in the cells they are requiring that they submit to very humiliating searches of their genital area in order to meet with their attorneys or talk with them on the telephone. it is just humiliating it's been difficult for them to sleep at night they are sometimes taken for their showers in the middle of the night so they have to decide between sleep and getting a little bit of clement us it's just. as french president francois hollande to make his own contribution at an auction setting vintage wine from his collection with the earnings going towards helping keep the country's budget flowed to more details on that story at r.t. dot com a plus the supporters of private bradley manning accused of a posse of classified materials to the whistle blowing web site we can leaks i said
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to a rally over the weekend just days before his court martial more are now those two stories at our team dot com. for me this is hard to follow through. there. protesters besieging a gold mine in north take a stand i have promised and restore electricity at the facility that's according to the country's prime minister a state of emergency and a curfew were declared on friday after the angry mob a clash with police needed fifty five people injured details now from tom bart. around two thousand protesters attempted to storm the mine in eastern kurdistan resulting in violent clashes with riot police at the at the site dozens were wounded including protesters and police exchanges of rubber bullets stun grenades
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and of stones one police bus was set on fire another was completely destroyed a state of emergency has been declared by the government in kurdistan these follow earlier protests where protesters came to try and blockade the mine and cut the power to it earlier the canadian company centerra gold which owns the mine say's these actions are illegal but the protesters have a variety of demands of their own ranging from the redistribution of some of the wealth from the mine to the state's budget increase social benefits nationalisation and concerns about the local ecology and lack of infrastructure the mind itself which brings about twelve percent into couldst and the money has been the subject of heated debate in may two thousand and twelve a similar protest your creations of a mind that was just one of a number of similar kinds of protests and the government very nervous about these
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kind of situations because of political unrest. ethnic uzbeks and clashed in the south of the country in two thousand and ten and those clashes followed the overthrow of the president also in two thousand and ten in a short but violent revolution. on to other world news now a new blog on maters has hit the outskirts of oklahoma city damaging buildings and killing at least five people disaster struck during the rush hour cutting off a major highway and leaving drivers stranded at the same system spared from nearby console wave twisters and flooding claimed three lives nearly two weeks ago a series of tornadoes hit the same area inflicting widespread devastation. nigeria's military has released fifty eight people suspected of having links to the slumbers to group boko haram in a bid to move towards peace talks the military claims to have destroyed boko haram
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as major camps during a blow to the surgeon c. in the country's north east but the leader of the movement said the army as old is a craving many civilians were reportedly killed in the latest military raids including women and children. russians who enjoy unrestricted music and movie downloads could be in for a shock the country's ministry of culture has threatened to punish online kyra it with fines of up to thirty thousand dollars you got this kind of explains why the government is ready to take such drastic measures. everyone likes music but far from everyone who likes to pay for it and why bother if so many different online file swappers and torrent websites can offer your favorite tunes for free only employees he has become so widespread in russia even experienced and internationally playing barons have long stopped counting on any serious profit from the seals their album well for russian people it's kind of
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obvious to download music for free now on the internet and they don't have. such thing in their mentality as if you're a support. artist you like. records online by cds vinyls and stuff like that so. this is not happening here how do you end up making money. concerts according to official statistics a shocking ninety nine percent of online media content in russia is counterfeit and nearly seven out of ten citizens openly admit they download for free when the social mogul movement the financial loss is a just as big as the black market itself and not only for cinema but music literature everything connected with intellectual property it's simply impossible to calculate how much we will lose until it's legalized the illegal media market doesn't just sap the entertainment industry's profits but it's also affecting the
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way future projects are financed it's no secret a big blockbuster movie needs a big budget the decorations alone need sufficient investment of both craft and cash to completely transport the audience to a whole other reality but right now in russia this cinema magic is a largely possible due to state funding since private investors are mostly scared away by piracy last year alone the russian government invested over two hundred million dollars in the film industry but even that level of investment struggles to tempt audiences back into theaters and away from the pirates now the president is getting involved looking for ways to legalize the contents without harming internet users personal freedoms for media bosses a lots at stake. we believe that without piracy films will be able to return twice more investment state and private will say one month or three movie premieres in cinemas it could be released onto the web for free but with adverts and legally.
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parliament is set to review a new anti-piracy draft a bill aimed at punishing. all internet users not only those uploading illegal content but downloading it as well but that's not the end of the story a lot more is in the frame to ensure the pirates don't get the happy ending you go to school of moscow. on the way. the corruption and a closer look at the world it's made a break in the sentence. distraction is one thing the media does very well we all tend to focus on one space issue of the moment and ignore the rest jill those are definitely worth the media attention
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but let's not ignore the fact that the food people eat around the world is an attack from multiple fronts antibiotics are often overused and cattle which can and eventually said they will lead to anti biotics resistant bacteria evolving animals are also injected with various hormones which can make their way into our stomachs and speaking of mysterious things getting into our body pretty much any crops that you we are doused with all sorts of pesticides and sit on top of powerful fertilizers which can affect bodies of water far beyond the fence of the farm obviously technology has been and should be used in farming so we all don't starve i get why pesticides exist and why they start giving diseased animals antibiotics but there comes a point where out putting a lot of poisonous food will kill you just as dead as slowly starving will there is a healthy middle ground out there somewhere but if we only worry about just the g m o's have only won that battle then we'll still be eating food loaded with bad stuff
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just other bad stuff but that's just my opinion. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how bad the less bad luck i got so. i mean. i know that i'm supposed to be really messed up. in the old story so personally. it's. worse for the little things like how to give a. radio guy for a minute. what. a good good you never seen anything like this
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until. well i mean martin well guys we've got a packed show for you today so let's get to it and let's break this up. there are a lot of different ways to artistically express one's opinions and political beliefs i do it through the show and my art work some do it through music and others use the power of their words spoken word that is today on the show i'll be broadcasting some great voices who specialize in this craft omar moves as an award winning poet from queanbeyan australia is the son of an australian journalist and malaysian poet.


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